Summer FAQs

I’m not a UC student, can I still take summer classes?

Yes, anyone can take classes at UC Clermont in the summer. All you need is to complete a Basic Data Form.  

How much will it cost me to take classes this summer?

Ohio residents pay $222 per credit hour for courses offered by UC Clermont, for part-time studies (11 or fewer credit hours). Full-time Ohio residents pay $2,658 per semester for courses offered by UC Clermont, (12-18 credit hours). For questions about non-resident surcharges or reciprocity, contact Clermont OneStop or call 513-732-5300

Will my classes transfer?

As a fully accredited college, your courses will certainly transfer. The question you really need to ask is will they count toward fulfilling your degree requirements. This is entirely up to your current institution. You should talk to your academic advisor at your current college before enrolling in any Clermont courses to insure that you take appropriate coursework here.

I work during the day, do you have night-time classes available?

We offer late afternoon, evening, and online classes.


Search Criteria

Do you have online classes?

Yes. On the "Search for Classes", open the "Additional Search Criteria" and choose the "Mode of Instruction", DL 100%, Fully Online, Mostly and Partially DL, or a hybrid of in-person and online.

How long is summer session?

Summer classes start May 8 and the semester is over August 5. We also offer shorter sessions within the semester that allow you to complete a full semester of work in an accelerated format.    

Summer Semester, First Half: May 8 to June 20
Summer Semester, First Half: June 21 to August 5**

**Not all summer courses are offered every term, and classes may vary. Check our course offerings for a complete course guide. 

Is there a parking fee at UC Clermont?

Parking is already included in your tuition so there is no additional parking fee. White lined stalls are designated for student parking. Yellow lined stalls are reserved for faculty and staff. Please park in the white lined stalls.

Can I receive financial aid for the summer?

Summer financial aid is available to students who qualify. You must be a degree-seeking student to receive financial aid. Non-degree seeking students (students who enter UC via the Basic Data Form) are not eligible. For more details on summer financial aid, please contact Clermont OneStop at 513-732-5300

What is a typical class size?

Our average lecture class size is 26 students.

How do I get started?

You must be in the UC Student Data System in order to enroll for classes. If you are not a UC student, you must complete a Basic Data Form to get into our system. Once in our system, you can register for classes in our student information system, Catalyst. For more information, contact Clermont OneStop and Admissions.