Winter Weather Closing

UC Clermont College covered in snow and ice

When the weather gets nasty, of course you can listen to local radio and TV stations for announcements that Clermont College has cancelled classes. (Announcements will be under the Clermont College heading, although it can take up to 30 minutes for them to post the announcement.)

Generally speaking, we do not close often for snow. If we close, so does UC East, since they are part of Clermont College.

We’ll also post a message on our home page. This also applies to other emergency situations such as a general power outage, major water main break, fire, or other similar event. Closing announcements also go on our facebook page.

You may also call 513-732-5200. If we are closed there will be a voice message giving details. Please be aware that this line can get very busy during bad weather, so checking our home page can usually be faster.

The easiest way to find out if we are closed is to check your cell phone for an emergency text message. We'll also send an email to your student email account.

We realize that you may be traveling quite a distance to be here, driving on back roads or through areas that do not treat their streets. We strongly advise that you chat with your instructors about what each class policy is on snow absences, before the flakes fall, and under what conditions your instructor will not be here! (Check blackboard and your email before you drive in-many instructors post notices about individual class cancellations.)

You are the only one who can evaluate whether it is safe for you to drive in or not!