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UC Clermont Tuition & Fees 2013-2014

Tuition for UC Clermont Associate Degree, Certificate Programs, and Non-degree Seeking Students

Residents of Ohio receive reduced tuition fees based on state support. Out of state residents are charged an out-of-state surcharge. Degree-seeking students (depending on major) may be eligible for the Kentucky or Indiana reciprocity tuition rates. For information, see Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

In-State tuition*

Full-time (per semester)
Part-time (per credit hour)

* Tuition for full-time, in-state students, who are enrolled in an online program, is $2,857. Part-time in-state students pay $239 per credit hour. This only applies to students in online programs.

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Out-Of-State tuition**

Full-time (per semester)
Part-time (per credit hour)

**Discounted out-of-state tuition for certain programs

Out-of-state students enrolled in distance learning programs (health information systems technology, medical billing/coding and software productivity) pay only $3,037 per semester (full-time students) or $254 per credit hour (part-time) instead of the out-of-state tuition listed above.


For complete listing of Clermont College tuition by program, visit UC's bursar's page. (Select "Clermont College" from the menu at the top of the page.)

Tuition for Applied Administration (BTAS degree) students

Ohio residents pay $314 per semester credit hour or $3,760 full-time tuition.  (Out-of-state students pay $722 per semester credit hour.)  Many Northern Kentucky residents qualify for metro rate tuition (see Please call 513-558-6197 if you have any questions.

Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

Students transitioning into the bachelor's degree programs that are taught at UC East, will pay the tuition of the sponsoring UC college.  This includes nursing (BSN with UC's College of Nursing), criminal justice, paralegal studies, and education majors.


Student Health Insurance

All students taking 6 or more credit hours are charged for student health insurance. This is currently $930 per semester.  Students paying for health insurance during spring semester are automatically insured for summer semester at no additional charge. Students having their own private health insurance coverage may request to waive the student health insurance coverage on the One Stop website.

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Regarding tuition for International Students


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