Writing/English Resources

Writing at The Learning Center

The Learning Center is here to help you with all stages of the writing process. From getting an essay started to helping you improve a finished essay, we are here to help you with all stages of the writing process in all your college classes.

College writing is difficult for many students because it contains so many concepts, but The Learning Center English tutors will guide you through them. 

Whether it is a quick question or an in-depth tutoring session, stop by TLC and receive whatever help you need.

Writing Tips

Download these TLC writing tips to help you through all your paper-writing problems. From MLA and APA format to thesis statements and comma usage, TLC writing tips cover the gamut of compositional skills, so that you may become a stronger college writer. 

Online Writing Resources

  • The Owl at Purdue – Concise MLA and APA guidelines in an easy-to-access format 

  • Grammar Guide – Improve your grammar skills with this interactive website.

  • Dictionary.com – The dictionary is online. Look up difficult terms. 

  • Thesaurus.com – Find the right word to make your essay just right