English as a Second Language


The Learning Center provides support services for students whose first language is not English. Our aim is to help students reach their academic and personal goals and support them in succeeding at Clermont  and beyond.

We Offer:

  • Academic Tutoring
  • Conversation and Language Pronunciation Practice
  • Resources for Students and Faculty

For more information, visit The Learning Center or contact Amy Abafo 
at 732-5326.

English as a Second Language Services

ESL Tutoring:

The Learning Center offers ESL tutoring for non-native speakers of English. Tutoring is available by appointment or walk-in when available. Tutoring Services Include:

  • One-On-One Academic Support 
  • One-On-One Conversation Practice
  • One-On-One Pronunciation Practice

Conversation Partners:

The Conversation Partner Program brings non-native English speakers together with native English Speakers. The primary goal of the program is for non-native English speakers to use English naturally in everyday situations and learn more about American culture.

The program partners students according to their schedule, and if possible, by shared interests.

Students then decide on one hour a week to get together to have open discussions and to practice English in a relaxed setting.