Placement Testing


At UC Clermont we are committed to your success!  The placement test is part of that commitment and will assess your skills in various areas to determine the best courses for you to begin a successful academic experience. 

  • Steps to complete the test online.
  • Steps to make an appointment to take the test on-campus.

The Placement Test consists of the portions below.  Most incoming students need to complete all portions but some students are able to opt out of a test based on minimum ACT or SAT scores or transfer credit.  To determine which tests you need to complete, please click here.  It will not hurt you to complete a test even if you could have opted out.  So if you are unsure - take them all!




Contact Information

Phone:  (513) 732-5219

Hours and Location

The Testing Center is located in
Peter-Jones Room 103.
We are open Monday - Friday
9am. to 5pm with some evening options.