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Experiential Learning

Finding Out What You Need to Know

If you look at the very top of this page (and on all UC web pages), you will see “UC Tools.” Clicking on this tab will allow you to connect instantly with OneStop, Blackboard, Student Email, and get help with forgotten passwords. If you are having trouble finding student information or student services, we suggest that you use UC Tools to connect to OneStop. Almost anything you need to do business with the university can be found there.

Some features of OneStop will require that you log in using your username and password, but much of the site is open for public browsing.

For student services available on this campus, check the menu on the left. Additional resources are listed below. 

Money Matters

Emergency Text Messaging

We’ll automatically send you a text message on your cell phone when we’re closed. We'll also send you other emergency messages if necessary. We only do this for emergency situations, not for general notices (that's what your email is for).

(For closing due to bad weather we will also send you an email.)


UC Clermont implemented Beacon, the Campus Labs early alert/student success platform, in Summer 2015 to support the college's commitment to student success. Beacon enables faculty to create notifications (alerts, updates and encouragements) on students in an effort to engage students in their academic success and ultimately help them to achieve their education goals (graduation). Academic advisors are connected to students in Beacon so that they see the notifications and can follow-up with students to address at-risk behaviors. Beacon provides a mechanism for faculty, advisors and academic support services personnel to collaborate as members of each student's success network to intervene with students who are struggling or at-risk for academic failure.

Campus Life

Summer Guest Students

We welcome students of other colleges and universities to attend summer classes on our campus.  For details...

International Students

International students are welcome on this campus!