Farmer Ruchi's Updates

Professor and students working in garden hold up zucchini Volunteer in garden hunts for squash to pick Young volunteers give produce to Farmer Ruchi Farmer Ruchi bends over to find hidden tomatoes in garden helping preschool prepare gazpacho from produce they picked volunteer family holds first produce harvested from garden Close up of young watermelon growing on the vine pre-school boy holds straw hat with cherry tomatoes Farmer Ruchi picks banana peppers from garden Farmer Ruchi shows pre-schoolers around the garden volunteer holds a freshly picked tomato in her gloved hand

Weekly Reports

September 1-7
This week's harvest was 238 lbs.
Donations went to Kingsway Fellowship and the Salvation Army.

September 8-15
This week's harvest was 212 lbs.
We conducted a mobile food pantry at Emmanuel Methodist Church just down the street from campus in partnership with Interparish Ministries and the Freestore food bank. We delivered over 85 lbs of produce to needy local families!  Our totals now for the season have now reached over 1000 lbs!!!!

September 16-22
Harvest donations for the week totaled 151 lbs.
Donations for this week went to Pastor John Sinclair and Mercy Works Food Pantry/YWCA Batavia.

September 23-29
This week's harvest totaled 106 lbs.
Donations went to Jum Sauls Homeless Shelter in Batavia.

September 30-October 6
Still getting produce-this week's harvest totaled 135 lbs.
Donations went to the YWCA and Interparish Ministries.

October 11 - Final Harvest
This week's harvest was 40 lbs.
Donated to Emmanuel Methodist Food Pantry (on the 12th).

Grand Total 2012 Harvest—1460 lbs!

drawing of an empty garden basket

Garden Wish List

Please contact Farmer Ruchi if you have any of the following items to donate to our Community Garden:

  • URGENT-Tomato stakes (tobacco sticks or wire stakes)
  • Weed Whacker
  • Painter buckets for collection of harvest
  • Perennial/vegetable seeds or donations for next year
  • Mulch/straw
  • Low pressure sprinkler/watering system


photo of  tomato-first from garden

Our first tomato from our community garden

“Culture of the mind must be subservient to the heart”

Mahatma Gandhi 

The Garden is Sleeping!

We're sure it will be spring before we know it, and it will be time to prepare the land for planting and another harvest.  Watch this page for updates and volunteer opportunities.