College Organization

Students in a studio watching an art demonstration given by an instructor

Dean’s Office

The dean of the college is our principal administrative executive as well as our chief academic officer. Our dean reports directly to the provost of the University of Cincinnati.

Serving under the dean are five functional areas:

Academic Affairs

Consists of all our faculty members and their support staff. Responsible for curriculum, course scheduling, degree and certificate programs, the library, advising, career services, The Learning Center, and more.

Administrative Services

Provides human resources, purchasing and budgetary support for our campus. Runs the cashier’s office.

Marketing & Communications

Handles all public relations and media relations for our campus. Places all advertising. Publishes the tabloid, the bulletin, program outlines and other general-college documents. Runs the college switchboard, the Information Desk, Community Arts, and controls content on our Web site. Provides support for other college departments. Provides event support and more.

Enrollment & Student Services

Responsible for all student functions: admissions, registration, financial aid, disabilities services, student life, athletics and more.

Facilities and Technology Services

Oversees the operation of our computer network, classroom technology, computer labs and individual faculty and staff computers.  Also responsible for our buildings, grounds and maintenance of the campus parking lots.

In addition to these departments, we have a branch of the UC Foundation located on campus which is reponsible for fundraising and alumni affairs.