Bachelor's of Applied & Technical Studies

Applied & Technical Studies Degree

The Applied Administration program is geared toward students who already hold a technical associate’s degree and seek a pathway to obtain a bachelor’s degree without any loss of academic credits from their previous degree.  The Applied Administration degree is ideal for students and working adults who want to move into supervisory or administrative positions in a technological field.  The program is suitable for those who have work experience or who have recently earned a technical associate’s degrees (applied science, applied business, or technical studies) and wish to continue their studies to earn a four-year degree.  Clermont College’s tuition rates make this program one of the most affordable bachelor’s degree programs at the University of Cincinnati.

The Applied Administration degree will grant you a competitive edge in your current position and help you develop the skills needed to achieve upward career mobility into a supervisory position within your organization or industry.  Beyond qualifying for career-advancement, you will fulfill the university’s general education requirements and acquire the breadth and depth of knowledge recognized as an important part of the baccalaureate degree experience.

In this program you will learn and develop leadership, team building and decision-making skills in your field as well as how to effectively utilize emerging media trends and communicate effectively.

This is a career-oriented “2+2” degree program requiring the completion of 60 credit hours upon admission to the program.  Building on the successful completion of your two-year technical degree program, this program, with 15 core courses and five electives, is focused on preparing you for advancement in your career field with an accredited bachelor’s degree from UC Clermont College.  While some students pursue further education after completing this degree, most graduates seek a new position or a promotion within their current organization.  Regardless of your technical major as an associate’s graduate from a regionally accredited institution, this baccalaureate degree is designed to prepare you for the success skills you need to pursue and achieve your career goals.

Small classes and knowledgeable faculty are here to help you succeed.  Classes are flexibly scheduled during afternoon and evening sessions in both hybrid and online formats to accommodate busy student lifestyles.  Based on your personal schedule, you can pursue this degree as either a full-time or part-time student.  In addition, this program is open for rolling admissions, so you can enroll in the program at the beginning of any semester during the academic year once you have completed your associate’s degree.

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Bruce Davis
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Program Details

Applied Administration

The program is geared for students who already hold a technical associate degree and who seek a pathway to obtain a bachelor’s degree without any loss of credits from their associate degree.

This degree is ideal for students and working adults who want to move into supervisory or administrative positions in a technological field. The program is suitable for people who have work experience or who have recently earned a technical associate degree (associate of applied science, associate of applied business or associate of technical studies). It provides graduating students with an edge in their current positions and helps them achieve a supervisory position within their company or industry.

Applied administration coursework allows students to—

  • fulfill UC’s general education requirements
  • acquire the breadth and depth of a baccalaureate degree
  • qualify for career advancement

This program is offered only at UC Clermont College and UC Blue Ash College.


Quick Info

Program Code



4 years

Admission Criteria



Regional Campus


Academic Affairs - Associate Dean's Office
Clermont College


4200 Clermont College Drive
Batavia,OH  45103
BTAS Office
Phone: 513-558-6197

Student Success Factors

You should be analytical, detail-oriented, flexible, decisive, and have good communication skills. Good relationship skills and the ability to work well as part of a team are also important skills for success.

Career Possibilities

The bachelor’s in applied administration should help technical specialists advance into supervisory positions, usually in a field where a technical background is essential to understanding the organization.

Additional career options are listed on the Center for Exploratory Studies website.

Major Details

As a technical baccalaureate degree, the applied administration program has different general education, math, and statistics requirements than the bachelor of business administration degree. The applied administration degree maximizes the transfer of previously earned technical credits. For many students, this will be a “two-plus-two” degree; requiring only two additional years of coursework beyond the two years already spent earning their associate degree.

Students graduate with a bachelor of technical and applied studies (BTAS) majoring in applied administration.

Depending on your background, your advisor may suggest that you enroll in beginning accounting, statistics or other courses to help you prepare for the technical core of the BTAS program.

(Students who wish to pursue a bachelor of business administration should complete the associate of arts in pre-business administration before progressing to their third and fourth year courses at the UC Carl H. Lindner College of Business on the main campus.)

Upon completion of the applied administration (BTAS) program, students will demonstrate:

  • Leadership skills in his/her field.
  • Team building and decision making skills.
  • An understanding of the implications of emerging media trends.
  • The ability to communicate effectively.


These tools assist students to identify course requirements and individual progress toward completion of academic programs. It is important to utilize these resources with personalized guidance from a UC academic advisor regularly to ensure timely graduation..

My Degree Audit - for confirmed and current students

My Transfer Course Equivalencies - for students considering transfer to UC

UC Schedule of Classes - search course availability and descriptions

Curriculum Guide Versions:

Applied Administration Curriculum Guide

Predominant Program

    Fall (Year 1)
    • AIS3001, Mid-Collegiate Experience/Bridging Module, 3
    • AIS3010, Team Building, 3
    • AIS4052, Applied Media Methods , 3
    • AIS3075, Applied Human Resource Practices, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, General Ed requirement or AIS elective, 3
    Spring (Year 1)
    • AIS3091, Applied Statistics, 3
    • AIS4045, Applied Employee Supervision, 3
    • AIS3026C, Applied Technology for Personal and Professional Productivity, 3
    • AIS3070, Applied Professional Writing, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, General Ed requirement or AIS elective, 3
    Summer (Year 1)
    • N/A
    Fall (Year 2)
    • AIS3050, Law and Ethics in Professional Settings, 3
    • AIS4018, Public Images of Organizations, 3
    • AIS3036, Financial Information for Managers, 3
    • AIS4032, Interpersonal Connections in the Workplace, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, General Ed requirement or AIS elective, 3
    Spring (Year 2)
    • AIS4012, Trends in Communication Technology , 3
    • AIS4075, Diversity in Professional Settings, 3
    • AIS4099, Senior Capstone, 3
    • XXXXxxxx, General Ed requirements or AIS electives, 6
    Summer (Year 2)
    • N/A
    Fall (Year 3)
    • N/A
    Spring (Year 3)
    • N/A
    Summer (Year 3)
    • N/A
    Fall (Year 4)
    • N/A
    Spring (Year 4)
    • N/A
    Summer (Year 4)
    • N/A
    AIS Electives
    • AIS3035, Media Assets and the Law, 3
    • AIS4001, Technology: Promises and Perils, 3
    • AIS4063, Persuasive Applications, 3
    • AIS4070, Public and Non-Profit Administration, 3
    • AIS4085, Global Challenges for the 21st Century, 3
    Gen Ed Electives
    • XXXXxxxx, Various (DC, FA, HP, HU, NS, QR, SE, SS, TI), 0

UC Advantages and Special Opportunities

The UC Clermont College campus is on 92 wooded acres located in Batavia, Ohio, in the heart of Clermont County. We are relatively small and our faculty to student ratio is low. You will find small class size and personal interaction with your instructors create the ideal learning environment. Parking is convenient and at no additional charge. Plus, our tuition is the lowest of the UC colleges.

Our faculty includes professionals with significant experience in the business world. Active advisory committees help assure the relevance of lectures and teaching exercises. The diversity of the student population - in age, work experience and background - heightens the value of classroom discussions.

Classes will be offered days and evenings at both UC Clermont College and UC Blue Ash College. We expect that the majority, if not all, our evening classes will be held at UC East. Several courses are offered in a “hybrid” format (one class a week in addition to online work), and some may be offered entirely online.

Special Programs

The Learning Center at UC Clermont provides free tutoring and online resources to help students get ahead and stay ahead in their classes.

Admission Requirements

You must have a technical associate degree (AAS, AAB or ATS) to be admitted to this program.

UC graduates, who have not attended college elsewhere, can complete and submit readmission paperwork to UC Clermont's Enrollment Services. Readmission paperwork can be obtained from Enrollment Services or online at:

Those who have never attended UC, or who have attended another college after attending UC, must apply for admission.

Transferring to UC Requirements

You must have a technical associate degree (AAS, AAB or ATS) to be admitted to this program.

Please review the instructions for transferring to UC Clermont.

Changing Majors Within UC

You must have a technical associate degree (AAS, AAB or ATS) to be admitted to this program.

International Student Requirements

You must have a technical associate degree (AAS, AAB or ATS) to be admitted to this program.

You must demonstrate English proficiency. You must also meet admissions deadlines and visa requirements, and provide documentation of sufficient funds before we can complete your admission. Please call the International Admissions Office (513-556-2069) for details, or email with questions.

Learn more about becoming an international student at UC Clermont.

Graduation Requirements

You must complete an application for degree and receive a pre-certification from your academic advisor the semester before you expect to graduate. You should see your advisor or Student Success and Retention Services (513-732-5319) for specific information well in advance of your final semester.

Application Deadlines

UC Clermont College is an open admission campus. Students may begin classes in any semester. Each semester has an application deadline of approximately four weeks before classes begin to allow for timely paperwork and financial aid processing. Students who apply after the deadline will be admitted to the next semester. For specific deadline information, call 513-732-5319 or visit


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.