English, Languages & Fine Arts (ELF)

English, Languages & Fine Arts

Department Information

Department Chair: Dr. Thomas Dinsmore
Office: West Woods Academic Center 269
Phone: 513-732-8962

Program Manager: Lori Vine
Office: West Woods Academic Center
Phone: 513-732-5245

The English, Languages and Fine Arts Department is committed to the expression of creativity, fluency and proficiency of language and the centrality of humanities and arts in education through teaching, professional development, and service. Through rigorous, innovative pedagogy, we provide students with opportunities to enhance their ability to communicate and to think critically. Through an array of extracurricular activities such as study abroad, service learning, student publications, and artistic performances and exhibitions, we share cultural and creative production. We apply our scholarly and creative work in the classroom to enrich our own experience as faculty and to invigorate our students by modeling active intellectual and creative work.