Strategic Plan

Goals and Objectives

Goal I — Adjust academic programs to meet the needs of the future student.

Objective A        Strengthen parterships with local high schools to support student success at all levels.

Objective B        Partner with local daycare providers to reduce costs and increase options for our students.

Objective C        Explore online and weekend-only class/degree opportunities.

Objective D        Explore, implement and promote new technologies that enhance The Library and The Learning Center services.

Objective E        Promote student success by ensuring appropriate course placement, providing academic support services for at-risk students such as the College Success Program and Supplemental Instruction, and incorporating the use of readiness assessment tools such as SmarterMeasure in distance learning offerings.

Objective F        Ensure online offerings are of the highest quality.

Objective G        Develop and implement an Academic Master Plan.


Goal II — Manage our long-term decision making with data-informed models.

Objective A        Make data-informed decisions about student success.

Objective B        Use data to inform the development and implementation of a comprehensive enrollment management plan.

Objective C        Adapt and implement the academic program review model for institutional support units.

Objective D        Ensure responsible stewardship of our physical and financial resources.


Goal III — Build our leadership capacity and strengthen our partnerships,
organization and community relations.

Objective A        Engage Alumni.

Objective B        Create the Center for Business and Community Relations in order to enhance communication by providing opportunities for faculty, business leaders and students to interact to ensure students are job ready and by inviting community leaders to attend and participate in activities on campus.

Objective C        Develop our own faculty/staff leadership program(s).

Objective D        Increase experiential learning opportunities.

Objective E        Explore the development of a health clinic to provide local health care and increase experiential learning opportunities for our students.

Objective F        Strengthen/develop leadership skills of student body.


Endorsed by UC Clermont College Faculty on September 27, 2012, and Staff on September 28, 2012